"We have come into this exquisite world to experience ever and ever more courage, freedom, and light" Hafez

"Only from the Heart can you Touch the Sky" Rumi ​ "Into the midst and changes of your life there is a backdrop of unchanging silence" Jeff Forester

Heal, Grow and Thrive

By seeking therapy, you’ve acknowledged that you have the desire for a better life.

Therapy will assist you to explore your experiences, how they’ve affected you and to learn how to allow for resolution and peace. I will assist you to embrace a path allowing for a beautiful future.

Depression / Anxiety

Maybe you feel sad, hopeless.  Is it depression? Maybe you feel worried or just uneasy. Maybe your anxious? I will help you figure out if it’s actually a condition and what would help. No one has to suffer from anxiety disorder or depression.  

Anger / Rage

Anger is a common emotion and it can help relieve stress and be a motivation to solve issues.  Anger has risks as it can alienate people and lead to decisions that may be regretful. Some people are aware of an anger problem, some are not.

PTSD / Trauma

Post-traumatic stress (PTSD) is a reaction to traumatic and or stressful events. PTSD can take place immediately after an experience or several years later.  PTSD is not an indication a person is weak.  It is usually very treatable.

Personality Disorders

This disorder makes one feel very different inside from the outward appearance.  It is hard to discipline actions.  There is a feeling of being out of control and others don’t care. New coping skills can help when strong negative emotions arise.

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I am here to listen, and provide a 
safe and confidential environment to explore life’s issues.